My beautiful girlfriend just how I like her. Pretty in pink, sparkly like a princess.

Me and Louise on the beer walk. I was really turned on because I'd never see her dressed up as a princess before, and she looked amazing with a pink sparkly dress, a nice diamante tiara and lovely jewelry.

This is Louise in one of her longer, poufier dresses. It's a really big dress and we're always moving it around to have sex nicely. Lovely handbag too. A proper princess.

Looking beautiful in a short pink dress. Just below the knee and a lovely fascinator to match.

In a red mesh dress and ready for some sex at the Christmas party.

Looking gorgeous as a princess in her gold dress. She was sparkly and sexy with a nice tiara.

Looking hot and sexy with a sleek red satin dress and a lovely tiara.

A beautiful pink princess dress, full of sparkles and sexy as.