My Career

2009 - Present: Pentest Ltd - IT Security Consultant

I work primarily as a penetration tester, performing infrastructure and web application reviews of client systems and applications. I obtained Tiger Senior Security Tester accreditation, demonstrating competence in this area. In addition to more traditional penetration testing I have performed on-site audits involving interviewing client employees and reviewing documentation. As well as performing tests I have been part of the sales process, including pre-sales meetings and proposals. I also helped develop the testing methodology.

I also acts as Information Security Manager for Pentest internal systems. I developed an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with ISO 27001 and continue to operate this. The system has been successfully audited, with Pentest gaining ISO 27001 certification.

2008 - 2009: Travelling Sabbatical

I took a one year career break to see the world. I rode through the Indian desert on camel back, explored Goa on a scooter and stayed in remote villages in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It was a wonderful experience that has shaped me profoundly.

2005 - 2008: HBOS Plc - Penetration Testing Manager

I had a varied role in Group Information & IT Risk, a group-wide operational risk function which specialises in information and IT risks. The team won the SC magazine "Best FS Information Security Team" in 2007. Primary responsibilities:

  • Penetration testing - I embedded pen tests in the project governance cycle, and transformed what was primarily a systems vulnerability assessment service into a comprehensive penetration testing service, with a heavily involvement in web applications. This involved line managing team members and being the interface between the team and the department leadership team. Particular emphasis is placed on making business-aware risk assessments and communicating these appropriately.
  • Non-compliance assessment - I was a front-line assessor of security standards non-compliances, tasked with performing risk assessments, challenging business areas' risk assumptions, accepting minor risks, and influencing key stakeholders to make tough steps, when major risks are identified.
  • Project governance - I provided support for numerous projects to meet their governance requirements, from design to delivery, ensuring compliance with the group information security policy, which is broadly aligned to BS7799/ISO270001. Key projects included: wireless, PCI compliance and remote working.
  • Systems assurance - I worked on a number of reviews of existing business systems, using the IRAM methodology. Reviews included: branch counter systems and the MQ infrastructure.
  • Standards maintenance - I provided input into new standards and ongoing reviews of existing standards, to ensure the technical details reflect the control objectives defined in policy, and are current.
  • Forum representation - I represented information and IT risk concerns at a number of specialist forums, e.g. e-commerce security forum and design authorities.
  • Vendor relationships - I managed the group's relationship with penetration testing companies, establishing an approved supplier panel, identifying vendors' key strengths and setting up procedural aspects such as NDAs, preferred points of contact, etc.
  • Operation risk - Using knowledge gained during technical work, I provided input to capital adequacy calculations for operational risk.
  • Technical consultancy - I was often used as a general source of information on any technical issue.

2002 - 2005: Westpoint Ltd - Internet Security Specialist

My primary responsibility is running automated vulnerability scans of large, remote customer networks, removing false positives and reporting the results in a customer-focused manner. I have gained experience in automated scanning software such as nmap, nessus and nikto as well as manual investigation tools such as netcat, stunnel, scapy and dig. I am able to communicate vulnerability information to both technicians and managers. I have also conducted penetration tests, which involve a higher level of detail and more manual effort.

I am responsible for continually improving the test set to incorporate new vulnerabilities and reduce false positives. I have contributed numerous improvements to nessus, which have been incorporated into the tool. I have also developed bespoke auditing tools, for example "icmpscan" which solicits various ICMP messages from remote hosts. These tools have been written in Perl, Python and NASL (Nessus Attack Scripting Language). I have conducted vulnerability research which has led to three CVE candidate numbers being assigned to vulnerabilities I discovered.

I have done development work on the reporting system, creating new reports and debugging existing ones. This involves using Oracle SQL, XSQL, XSLT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Perl. I have also served as the administrator for the office network, using the relevant skills from previous jobs.

2001 - 2002: Effective IT - Systems Administrator and Developer

My major responsibilities were developing and maintaining a web hosting company and an ISP. I developed new features such as a domain renewal reminder and an ADSL number checker. This involved research, design, coding, testing and documentation, using Python, MySQL and Linux. I debugged the preexisting code and audited it for security problems. I found several vulnerabilities caused by design errors and insufficient input validation. I fixed the specific bugs and introduced designs that reduced the possibility of future bugs. I also reviewed the configuration of server software including Apache, BIND, Sendmail and Proftpd to ensure it was both secure and useful to customers.

I was also responsible for the security and availability of the office systems and served as an on-call engineer for our small business customers. This involved configuring small networks with Windows workstations and a Linux server to have web access, email, central file stores and shared printers. The technical knowledge of the customers varied considerably and all solutions had to be appropriate to their level.

2000 - 2001: World Online - Unix Systems Administrator

I worked in a busy NOC, responding to monitoring systems, serving as technical backup for customer services and identifying trouble spots before they became problems. I solved many day-to-day issues, which required continuous learning from manuals, web sources and other staff. This covered several operating systems: FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT and Cisco IOS, and much server software including: Apache, Zeus, Sendmail, Exim, Bind, Cistron Radius and Oracle. I passed on the knowledge I gained by producing documentation and answering questions when managers or other sys-admins came to me. I also developed new systems including tape backups and SMS alerting, using FreeBSD and Perl.

Proactively identifying problems involved using tools like nmap to map the little-documented network and explore it from an attacker's perspective. I also manually investigated the configuration of key systems. I discovered and resolved numerous security issues without affecting the customer experience. In some cases it was necessary to completely reinstall hosts and rewrite control scripts.

1998 - 1999: Data Connection - Software Developer

I worked in the "SNA for Unix" group, which produces a networking toolkit to connect legacy mainframes to TCP/IP networks. I developed various tools to assist with testing and debugging the product. These were primarily coded in C and compiled for AIX, SCO UnixWare, Solaris and HP-UX. My kernel dump analysis tool automated many manual tasks and significantly reduced time spent investigating customer crashes. My regression testing suite provided nightly user simulation testing of main product areas on all platforms.

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