Web applications have become an incredibly important area in computing. Almost every aspect of life can be managed through a web app now - banking, ticket booking, even reporting crimes. A great variety of technologies have appeared around this space, from browser plugins for flashy graphics up to hardware appliances for web server acceleration. A set of technologies I am particularly interested in is web frameworks. These are development environments that make it faster and easier to build quality web apps. more...
I presented a talk on SQLAlchemy at PyConUK 2007. The slides are here; an audio recording is also available. more...
ToscaWidgets 2
ToscaWidgets is a framework for building reusable web components. The system allows a web developer to use a complex widget in their application with ease - the internal complexity of the widget is hidden. This helps rapidly develop compelling web applications. ToscaWidgets 2 is an experimental rewrite from scratch of the framework, that I have developed. more...

Open Source Involvement

I've been active on several Python projects:

A library for creating re-usable web widgets, and a selection of useful widgets. more...
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements
  • Greatly improved documentation
  • Created tw.dynforms, a widget library for dynamic websites
  • Started the ToscaWidgets-experimental branch, leading to Toscawidgets 2.
This is an object-relational mapper. more...
  • Progressed MS SQL Server support from basically working to fully supported.
  • Developed basic MS Access support.
  • Initiated some tools: autocode and dbcopy.
This is a web framework based on a number of existing components. more...
  • Improved SQLAlchemy support, including changes for SA0.4.
  • Various bug fixes, including avoiding the need for ET() calls using TG Widgets in Genshi templates.
  • Developed iisproxy, a tool to deploy TurboGears applications with Microsoft IIS.
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