Future Content

I aim to do the following within a reasonable time frame:

  • More programming advice - using version control, unit tests, Unicode
  • More articles on security:
    • Components, Interfaces and Security Boundaries
    • The Differences between IT Security and Information Risk
    • Network Scanning and Penetration Testing
    • What Should be our Risk Appetite?/
  • Finish off the DNS guide - it's been part written for years!

Some other ideas I have; these will probably never happen:

  • General paper-based cipher solving suite - comprising the Vigenere and word pattern programs, and much more
  • Fix the CRC library - not a lot of work needed for a C only interface
  • Expand RSA to include details of practical key management systems - SSH, SSL CAs, etc.
  • Master Mind - I have a working brute force computer player
  • Sudoku - I have some good steps toward a deductive solver, but there are already many of these.
  • aho-corasick implementation - I have a mostly working version in C
  • dice game - I have a partial implementation; with some improvement could start running models to determine best strategies for a computer player.
  • Better log processing. I think awstats will do most of this, but I will probably have some ideas to submit back to them as well.
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